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Thailand Privilege is the easiest and most rewarding way for you to stay in Thailand long term

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This website is a free resource for those who wish to know more about and apply for a Thailand Privilege Visa. If you’re thinking about living in the Land of Smiles, Thailand Privilege is the Kingdom’s easiest and most rewarding way for you to stay in Thailand long term, from 5 to 20 years and beyond.

The information here is provided by Siam Legal International, a leading law firm in Thailand and a General Sales & Service Agent, which is a licensed organization that is authorized by the Thai Government to provide FREE assistance to prospective applicants.

Thailand Privilege provides you with a long term, multi-entry visa as well as a wealth of extra benefits and perks depending on your membership level

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Applying for a Thailand Privilege Visa is easy with the help of an Authorized General Sales & Services Agent


Book a FREE consultation with an authorized agent to discuss your membership options, the visa requirements, and the application process.


Your agent will then assist you with preparing and submitting the required documentation to maximize your chances of success.


Only after you are approved for the visa will you have to pay the application fee to the government, at which point you will get your multi-entry visa and all the benefits it comes with.

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