Thailand Privilege
Points System

A Wide Selection of Customizable Rewards

Thailand Privilege has replaced the Elite Visa program, and one of the biggest changes is the new Thailand Privilege Points System. This program provides a way for Thailand Privilege Visa holders to get a custom selection of unique perks and rewards not available through other programs such as the LTR Visa or Retirement Visa. From complimentary assistance with your 90-day immigration reporting to free movie and domestic flight tickets, the points system has something for everyone, regardless of membership level.

In this article, we will go over how the Thailand Privilege Points System works and what is included, as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

How the Thailand Privilege Points System Works

Let’s go over the basics of how the system operates and how members can make use of their points.

Getting and Spending Points

Once an applicant has been approved for a Thailand Privilege membership, they are automatically enrolled in the points system. Along with their Thai Elite Visa, each core member receives a number of points at the beginning of every calendar year that is dependent on their membership tier. The yearly point allotment for each tier is as follows:

  • Gold – 20
  • Platinum – 35
  • Diamond – 55
  • Reserve – 120

These points can be spent at any time on a long list of benefits, which will be explained below. There is no special process to spend the points; you simply need to contact the partnered organization and inform them of your desire to spend your points. For example, if you wish to redeem points for free nights at a luxury hotel, you just have to tell the customer service representative you want to use your points and give them your membership card/card number. They can check your membership details and take care of the rest.

Refreshing Points

It is important to note that at the end of the year, unspent privilege points DO NOT roll over into the next year. If you don’t spend your points by the deadline, they are gone forever. Your total will reset to the maximum points allowed by your membership tier. However, you don’t need to worry too much about losing points. There is a wide variety of ways you can spend your points, so there shouldn’t be too much difficulty finding things to spend them on before your time is up.

Point Costs

All of the rewards available through the points system have a uniform cost across all tiers. This means, for example, that a Gold member will use as many points as a Reserve member to rent a boat or limousine. However, some perks come with extra benefits or are complimentary at higher tiers. For example, Gold and Platinum members must redeem points to gain free access to certain networking events, but Diamond and Platinum members get in for free, with no points required.

Thailand Privilege Points System Rewards

Here, we’ll take a look at some examples of just some benefits you can redeem your points for with a Thailand Privilege membership. 

The full list of benefits is too long to include here, as it includes dozens of available rewards. Furthermore, there are numerous other benefits to being a Thailand Privilege member that do not fall under the points system, such as permanent discounts on services, free gifts, and access to exclusive spaces and events. For a full list of benefits with point costs, see the Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd. website.

The rewards that can be redeemed with points fall under five categories:


Benefits focused on living in and visiting Thailand:

  • Stay 1 night at a participating luxury hotel, get 1 night free – 1 Point
  • Agent services for 90-day immigration report – 1 Point
  • Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) assistance with opening a bank account, getting a driver’s license, etc. – 2 Points


Benefits focused on traveling to, from, and around Thailand:

  • Transfer to/from the airport – 1-3 Points (depending on vehicle and distance)
  • 1-time access to luxury airport lounge – 1 Point
  • Luggage delivery between airport and hotel – 1 Point


Benefits focused on shopping, dining, and having fun:

  • Free round of golf – 1-5 Points (depending on course and day)
  • Chiang Mai Night Safari ticket – 1 Point per ticket
  • Free access for co-working space at Siam Paragon – 1 Point (Diamond gets 4 free entries, Reserve gets unlimited free access)

Health & Well-Being

Benefits focused on improving your health and reducing your stress:

  • 90 mins Aromatic Thai Oil massage – 1 Point
  • Selected health check-up or wellness package – 10 Points
  • 1-month gym access – 3 Points


Benefits focused on wealth management and insurance services:

  • 1-hour legal consultation – 1 Point



Is there any way to acquire more points than the limit imposed by my membership level?

Not at this time. The only way to increase your yearly point allotment is to upgrade your membership to a higher tier. Fortunately, this is easy to do and requires only that you pay the difference in initial membership costs and a fixed upgrade fee. Note that Reserve membership is by invite only.


I want to add family members to my Thailand Privilege Visa. Do they get their own set of points?

Not at this time. Additional individuals on the membership do not receive their own allotment of points, and must share the pool of points granted to the primary membership holder. This is part of the reason why adding family members to Thailand Privilege membership is cheaper than an individual membership. Also, keep in mind that many rewards can already be enjoyed by the whole family, such as free hotel stays.


Can I transfer my points to another Thailand Privilege member?

Not unless they are a family member attached to your visa, in which case they can make use of your points. You cannot transfer points to other individuals, even if they are also Thailand Privilege members.


Is there a limit on how many times I can redeem points for a particular reward?

No, there is no limit on how many times you can redeem points for your favorite benefit as long as it is in line with the partnered merchant’s terms and conditions.

Learn More

For a full list of the benefits included with the Thailand Privilege Points System and a detailed, in-person explanation of how it works, contact Siam Legal. We’re one of the largest and most successful General Sales and Services Agents in the country, and our knowledgeable Thailand Privilege team can provide all the answers you require. We also provide free assistance with applying for your Thailand Privilege membership and Thai Elite Visa.