Thailand Privilege
Visa Agents

Partnered with the Government to Provide Free Professional Visa Services

The new Thailand Privilege program is here, and it’s the easiest way to secure a long-term Thai Elite Visa. However, the process for acquiring this visa can be complex and time-consuming if you don’t have experience dealing with Thai bureaucratic procedures. To ensure a healthy flow of applicants for the visa, Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., the government-owned entity in charge of the program, has partnered with local visa agents, consultants, and law firms to provide free assistance as authorized General Sales and Services Agents (GSSAs).

Here we’ll learn about Thailand Elite Visa consultants, what they can do for you, and how to find an agent for your Thailand Privilege application.

What is an authorized General Sales and Services Agent?

This title is granted by the government only to vetted organizations and indicates that they are Thailand Elite Visa experts. Authorized GSSAs can provide guidance on the program, facilitate your application process, and liaise with the government on your behalf. This makes your application process infinitely more streamlined and stress-free with the maximum chance for acceptance.

And the best part? They don’t charge any application fees! The government covers the cost of the agent’s assistance to foster a steady stream of quality applications to the Thailand Privilege program. This means that if you engage a certified GSSA, their direct assistance with your application comes at no cost to you.

Thailand Privilege Visa Agents

Authorized General Sales and Services Agents are vetted and registered by the Thai government to ensure legitimacy, quality of service, and accountability. You can determine if an organization is an authorized GSSA by looking for this seal:

When you see this, you know that the party you are entrusting your application to are Thailand Privilege experts. You can rest assured that they are knowledgeable and trustworthy. However, should you apply through unauthorized Thailand Elite Visa agents, you may be at risk of fraud or at the very least incompetence, and it will likely be more difficult to complete your application or win any disputes that might arise.

What can a Thailand Privilege authorized General Sales and Services Agent do for me?

GSSAs provide several valuable services that make applying for visas in Thailand easier and faster with the best chance of success.

This is because, as with all Thai visa applications, even a small error can result in an unsuccessful application, which in the best case will cost you weeks if not longer. You might even get fined or barred from reapplying in extreme cases.

Authorized Thailand Elite Visa agents minimize your risk of these outcomes in a variety of ways:

Answering your questions

While obtaining a Thailand Privilege Visa is more streamlined than with other visa programs, it is still a complex bureaucratic process. The best GSSAs can answer any questions you might have and give you the facts in plain language so you can make informed decisions.

Document and application vetting

Ensuring you have the correct documentation is key when interacting with the Thai government in any capacity. These documents can also have strict preparation requirements, sometimes even dictating what color ink you must use to sign your name.

The best Thailand Elite Visa agents know the bureaucracy inside and out, and know exactly which documents you need and how to prepare them to ensure they are accepted by the government. They can also make sure your paperwork is delivered in a timely fashion to the appropriate hands, minimizing the chances of your application getting delayed or rejected.

Supplemental services

In addition to helping directly with your visa application, some authorized agents can provide services that are not directly tied to the application process but are no less vital. For example, you may need documents notarized for your application. Your agent can help you either by providing the service (in the case of larger agencies, like law firms) or directing you to someone who can.

GSSAs can also help you with alternative payment methods for your Thailand Privilege membership fee. The program only accepts cash or credit, but a GSSA is authorized to assist with payments made with cryptocurrencies and other methods.

Interacting with the government for you

When something goes wrong with your application (or even when everything goes right), you will almost certainly have to deal directly with the government. GSSAs take this burden on for you to solve your problems quickly and smoothly. They know how to interact with these government organizations and speak their language in more ways than one, and will make certain that any hiccup with your Thailand Privilege application is a minor delay instead of a cause for a failed application.

How can I find an agent for my Thailand Elite Visa application that best meets my needs?

There are many organizations and even individuals that have earned the seal of an authorized General Sales and Services Agent, but this does not mean that they all provide the same quality of service. Simply engaging a certified Thailand Elite Visa agent is no guarantee of success, so make sure you are working with the best to give yourself the highest chance of a smooth application process.

Some things to look for in a Thailand Privilege Visa agent include:

Many years of experience

Authorized visa agents are not a recent concept. You want one that has been around for a while and has the benefit of experience.

A good reputation

As with choosing any service provider, you should read reviews and testimonials to discover if the agent you are considering is competent and trustworthy.

A large organization

Small organizations or individual agents can get overwhelmed if they work with too many clients at once, but larger organizations have more skillsets and resources at their disposal. And, since there are never any application fees for applying to Thailand Privilege, there’s no added cost from working with a larger entity.

Broad service offerings

You might need additional services to acquire everything you need for your application, so find an organization that provides a wide spectrum of services so you don’t have to go to more than one agent.

The Best Thailand Privilege and Elite Visa Agents

Siam Legal is a GSSA that meets the above criteria and then some. We are a full-service law firm with over 20 years of experience helping people from across the globe meet their legal and immigration needs in Thailand. We’re also one of the largest and most successful GSSAs in the nation, as recognized by the Thailand Privilege authorities. We can provide you with comprehensive application assistance, from initial consultation to affixing your new Thai Elite Visa, at no additional cost.

Our Thailand Privilege team will provide you with all the important facts and ensure your application is free from any errors that may cause a rejection. Siam Legal is committed to getting you your Thai Elite Visa as soon as possible so you can live your best Thailand life without delay.